Author: Ann Anderson

Snow Blower Accessories You Definitely Should Not Pass On

The Must Have Snow Blower Accessories

The snow blower without a doubt is wintertime’s best kept secret.  It allows you to effortlessly get rid of the snow that has accumulated overnight.  Like any useful tool it has its own share of fancy accessories, some more useful than others. Put on all the bells and whistles for your snow blower with these neat accessories you definitely should not pass on.

Melt Buddy

This is snow’s worst enemy but is definitely your snow blower’s best bud. Most of the time, the snow blower is kept in a corner of your garage or shed until winter comes along. The melt buddy is an ice-melt (salt) spreader accessory that can connect to many snow blower models. This allows you the convenience of not having to drag out that heavy bag of salt around to spread onto your driveway and sidewalk. The Melt Buddy allows you to spread that salt while you’re clearing the snow.

Snow Cab

Snow Blower Snow Cab in MinnesotaThe snow blower cab is another useful tool that protects you from the most extreme weather conditions. This also prevents you from getting a face full of snow coming from the discharge chute. It is a heavy-duty, freeze resistant fabric shell that allows you to work in blizzard like conditions. A standard snow cab normally fits all single and two stage snow blowers while the deluxe version can fit all two stage snow blower models.  Enjoy.

Clean Out Tools

The problem with snow is that it tends to pack together and build up within the housing of the auger. The more snow that builds up in this area, the less amount of snow the machine and process and clear. Snow Blower clean out tools allow you to remove the offending snow stuck in the auger housing quickly and conveniently.  Not only is it a useful tool to clear clogs but is also a good reminder on snow blower safety.

Tire Chains

Snow can be quite slippery. Anyone that has used a snow blower can tell you that.  The most embarrassing moment is when your snow blower slips and slides across the surface while you’re clearing the snow. Want to avoid this? Tire chains are a superb means of keeping your dignity and preventing embarrassment.  When snow melts during the day, but freezes over the night, it can cause the driveway and sidewalks to develop a layer of ice. When you go clearing the snow in the morning, the rubber wheels easily will slip on the ice. Tire chains provide that extra gripping action you need to ensure that traction is not lost.


The Most Popular Features You Need to Look for in Snow Blowers

Honda Snow Blower Minnesota

Snow Blowers – Most Popular Features

With winter around the corner, nigh is the time you should be bringing out your snow blower and cleaning it to be ready when the snow comes falling in. If you are in the market looking for a snow blower or waiting to upgrade your current one, here are some useful tips to guide you.

Electric Start

All top-of-the-line and most basic snow blower models now come equipped with this electric start feature. This is very convenient all you need to do is use an extension cord to plug your snow blower into an electric outlet and simply press the electric start button. If you need to start and stop operation while you’re using it, some snow blower makers have offered a recoil cord back up option to avoid any mess.

Single Hand Interlock

For two stage blowers this is quite a handy feature. It basically allows you to control the drive system with just one hand. Amazing right? This leaves your free hand to operate the chute or the deflector without ever needing to stop.

Track Drive

Snow blowers with track drive systems are the “tanks” of snow removal. Instead of the standard wheels you get ice-gripping tracks.  This basically eliminates the possibility of slipping and is quite perfect for gravel driveways or inclines that tend to ice up overnight.

Remote Chute and Deflector Rotation

These are perfect to use with the interlocking control feature discussed above. As opposed to having to stop in order to reach forward around the machine in order to rotate the chute, all of those can now be done with in-dash controls. This makes it very convenient to discharge the snow wherever you want.  Just don’t dump it on top of your neighbor’s brand new car.

Drift Cutters

Large snow drifts can happen literally overnight.  If you wake up one snowy morning after a windy night, drift cutters come in very handy as these direct the snow blower to propel taller snow into the auger housing as opposed to simply letting it fall on top of the unit.

Power Steering

Some very large snow blowers can weigh over three hundred pounds and therefore a power steering feature is not a luxury but a necessity.  This allows you to steer by slowing down one wheel as you make the turn.

Snow blowers come with many features. Some more important than others. Choose the one that best fits your needs and budget. Talk to a snow blower expert today.