The Most Popular Features You Need to Look for in Snow Blowers

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Snow Blowers – Most Popular Features

With winter around the corner, nigh is the time you should be bringing out your snow blower and cleaning it to be ready when the snow comes falling in. If you are in the market looking for a snow blower or waiting to upgrade your current one, here are some useful tips to guide you.

Electric Start

All top-of-the-line and most basic snow blower models now come equipped with this electric start feature. This is very convenient all you need to do is use an extension cord to plug your snow blower into an electric outlet and simply press the electric start button. If you need to start and stop operation while you’re using it, some snow blower makers have offered a recoil cord back up option to avoid any mess.

Single Hand Interlock

For two stage blowers this is quite a handy feature. It basically allows you to control the drive system with just one hand. Amazing right? This leaves your free hand to operate the chute or the deflector without ever needing to stop.

Track Drive

Snow blowers with track drive systems are the “tanks” of snow removal. Instead of the standard wheels you get ice-gripping tracks.  This basically eliminates the possibility of slipping and is quite perfect for gravel driveways or inclines that tend to ice up overnight.

Remote Chute and Deflector Rotation

These are perfect to use with the interlocking control feature discussed above. As opposed to having to stop in order to reach forward around the machine in order to rotate the chute, all of those can now be done with in-dash controls. This makes it very convenient to discharge the snow wherever you want.  Just don’t dump it on top of your neighbor’s brand new car.

Drift Cutters

Large snow drifts can happen literally overnight.  If you wake up one snowy morning after a windy night, drift cutters come in very handy as these direct the snow blower to propel taller snow into the auger housing as opposed to simply letting it fall on top of the unit.

Power Steering

Some very large snow blowers can weigh over three hundred pounds and therefore a power steering feature is not a luxury but a necessity.  This allows you to steer by slowing down one wheel as you make the turn.

Snow blowers come with many features. Some more important than others. Choose the one that best fits your needs and budget. Talk to a snow blower expert today.